do you ever just like take a long hard look at yourself and know that you have to do this thing with your life and no matter how hard or scary it may seem you have to do this thing otherwise you feel like you’re gonna just waste everything, so you build up all this confidence to do this thing and then someone comes along and unravels all of your hopes and dreams with one word and it’s just like ugh back to square one of trying to convince myself to do this thing that i have to do in order to fulfill my stupid ass purpose on this stupid ass planet 

Okay so roll with me on this. What if The Death Cure ended the same fucking way The Maze Runner ended. Like the Immunes that were in the maze that Thomas was told to rescue were already a part of the new Trials that WICKED had begun. These new Gladers had been there for “two years” (more like a few weeks but WICKED made it seem as though it’d been years in the boys’ minds) and so when Thomas and the rest of the crew showed up to rescue them from the maze they had already escaped off the Cliff forcing Thomas to return to where they had ended up after they escaped the maze only a few weeks ago. And they show up after the same scenario between Chuck and Gally and what not, but instead with these new Gladers, Thomas and his friends are the rescue squad like in the end of book 1. Then what fucking if in the Epilogue WICKED was all, well it didn’t work this time but don’t worry there are many more trials to be done.